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Shirley Campbell

1 WT Campbell Shirley

Artist Statement

I’m Shirley and I am the designer and creator of the jewelry you see here.

I enjoy creating with sterling silver and using traditional techniques such as sawing, piercing, forging, texturing, filing, soldering, sanding and polishing.

It may sound like a lot of work, and it is, but I believe that handcrafted items have energy and soul, and I am deeply committed to creating unique and fun wearable art. I hope you enjoy them as well!



Shirley was born in Calgary, AB and grew up near Vancouver’s historic Chinatown. She came from a large family of creative parents and siblings that had spawned creativity mostly out of necessity. Her dad would disappear into the back room to emerge hours later with a small table or chair. Her mom and older sisters made special occasion dresses out of scraps of material from the clothing factory her mom worked at.

Growing up Shirley can be found dabbling in every type of craft she could get her hands on, from macramé, sewing, cross-stitching, embroidery, card making, paper making, bookbinding – there weren’t many things she wasn’t willing to try – at least once.

Years later, not much has changed except Shirley has narrowed her interests to gardening, painting, sewing and silversmithing. During the day, she works full-time at HealthLink BC, and weekends and evenings are filled with her craft life, including a very successful Etsy site at




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2425 St. Johns Street
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