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Hitomi Mckenzie

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Artist Statement

My work is of Porcelain Ceramics, a set of functional shape and individual pieces.

Making pots is my art: I make them for people to use. I believe that my pots would attract those who appreciate beauty and function working in harmony. I hope their forms give the user a sense of joy.

It is important to me to create communication, a ‘conversation ‘ between form and surface. In my intimate relationship with each individual piece of work becoming an extension of how I respond to movement of the wheel and the clay.

The throwing rings are exaggerated to give the impression of fold fabric, and a shiny transparent glaze gives highly polished finish making it a stainless and durable very practical products which is microwave and dishwasher safe.

My work combine that lively tactile quality of hand thrown porcelain, while showing its amazing translucency and looking refreshingly different, contemporary and exciting.

The method I employ is first throwing, then dissecting and distorting the shapes, which for me is an innovative way of making and producing original designs.

The material l use is translucent porcelain (Dove & Polar Ice) and oxidation firing at cone 6.



Hitomi was born in Japan where she worked as a fashion

designer moved to London (UK) in 1996.

Studied pottery doing a part time course before achieving BTEC

PDD (Professional Development Diploma) in Fine Art Ceramics

 at South Thames College in the UK.

Her works are functional tableware that is a product of her

cultural background, she takes an experimental approach in her

creative designs, which results in the outcome of these unique


Her work has been shown and sold at major exhibitions also been

sold at Galleries and Shops over the UK.

She has been living in Vancouver since 2011 and become part of

the many artists at the Mergatriod building in East Vancouver that

has an annual Open Studio, ‘Eastside Culture Crawl’.

Her work is one of a kind and sold at major Exhibitions and Fairs

in Vancouver.


website hitomimckenzie.com
facebook 2 @HitomiMckenziePorcelainCeramics
instagram @hitomimckenzieceramics


Thursday November 14, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Winter Treasures Opening Reception
Sunday November 24, 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Open House
Thursday November 28, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Philosopher's Cafe
Tuesday December 3
Giving Tuesday

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Contact Us

2425 St. Johns Street
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T: 604.931.2008
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