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Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk

Fahnestalk Lynne Little Jewel Bug Bot


Lynne spent most of her childhood drawing dinosaurs and purple bunnies. Since then she has repaired a printing press with a bobby pin, created a comic strip for cows, produced a science fiction colouring book for kids, served as art director for two national magazines, run her own printing company and, now, creates one-of-a-kind robot sculptures from upcycled metal objects.

Where others see junk, Lynne sees potential. Her Bots have been described as 3-D cartoons and she likes that comparison. Each Bot is securely constructed using a drill and screws and she uses the metal pieces as she finds them; never polishing, painting or shaping. The search for useable objects is a large part of the creative process, garage sales and flea markets are her friends.

The question Lynne is asked most often about her Bots is, “Do they move?” And her answer is, “Not when I’ve been looking.” 

Lynne is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Canadian Prix Aurora Award for Artistic Achievement and has shown her work in galleries and at major science fiction convention art shows where she has received numerous awards. Lynne lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with her wonderful husband and a house full of robot parts.

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