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Lacheur April Holiday Ornaments

Artist Statement

I am a professional self-taught artist and acrylic painter living in Maple Ridge. I work mostly in acrylic paint on canvas and wood to create bold and playful interpretations of west coast nature with special focus on trees and tree roots and the human connection to nature.  I have been building a thriving art business since 2007 and my original work can be found in private collections across North America and even in Australia. I have also been involved in many pubic art projects including the Salmon sculpture project in Coquitlam and a mural for the new BC Children's hospital. I offer line of popular reproductions including greeting cards, prints, calendars and ornaments. 

My style is often called unique and combines bold colors with clean line work. My most recent work includes loose abstract backgrounds representative of letting go, overlaid with more stylized line work, representing what is most important for us to grab hold of. Trees in my paintings have exposed roots and transparencies, encouraging the viewer to remember and share their own roots, their unique stories. A reminder that we are not unlike trees in a forest, living together in a community.

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