Winter Treasures

Tanya Finkelshtein

9 Moons Design

Finkelshtein Tanya leaf dish


I have lived in many areas of Israel and Russia from the border with Finland to the border with China. In addition, I traveled a lot in Europe and the variety of cultures, languages, climates and atmospheres had a great impression on me. I think this experience inspired me and developed my creativity. 

All my items are handmade, with love. No two items will be exactly alike. These days I am working a lot with clay and glass and because these materials behave unpredictably in a kiln, all my items are one-of-a-kind. I enjoy creating unique items because each person is unique and therefore customers can choose something that they really love and nobody else in the world will have the same item. Each item comes with a little bit of my soul in it and I know that because these items are made with and sent with love, they will bring happiness to my customers.

My inspiration comes from the beautiful British Columbia nature all around me and places that I have visited. I live in a magical place, close to the mountains, near a forest and the Pacific Ocean. Also, I love to travel, and if I have a time I go to explore new places or return to my favorites to get new impressions.

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