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Artist Statement

I appreciate that wild animals are required to adapt and evolve largely as a result of human activity. Representing them in my artwork is my way to communicate about their status, honour their instinctive nature to survive and adapt, and to identify that we are not all that different from them. My use of heightened colour is in reference to the ‘degrees of enlightenment’ that an animal must go through in order to adapt to the changes of the landscapes,
My artwork is currently focused on animals experiencing change and transition. This concept has guided my work, as I feel that the evolution (or ‘degrees of enlightenment’ as I have come to refer to it) is something we can all identify with in our daily lives and it also accurately translates the status of our environment, which of course the animals are extensions of.


Sarah moved to the southern west coast of BC after growing up in the interior (Summerland) and receiving her BFA in Kelowna in 2001. Sarah has participated in a range of group and solo exhibitions, sat on an array of arts boards and committees, and has been an active arts participant in her own community and several communities around the Lower Mainland. She has fulfilled many commissions, and her work can be found in private collections throughout North America and abroad. Sarah talks to most animals that she meets, and over her lifetime.

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