The Port Moody Arts Centre offers private music lessons for all ages and experience levels with days and times to suit every schedule. From beginner lessons to Royal Conservatory preparation, our talented instructors bring a wealth of experience to the Arts Centre. Many of our instructors hold Bachelor or Masters of Music degrees, have performed on national and international stages, and most have 10 to 20+ years of teaching experience.

1. Our Instructors

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3. How to Register

Guitar Lessons

Michael and Jiwon

From learning to read music for the guitar, to learning how to play melodies and strum chords our guitar lesson will provide our students with the basics.   Students will progress to learn more advanced techniques such as finger picking in various styles and other guitar skills.




Piano Lessons

Emma 7 small

 Whether you are looking for lessons for your child as a beginner or looking for lessons as an adult to refresh your skills, we have a variety of lessons and instructors that may suit you.  Piano lessons are a fundamental part of many children’s musical training.  Our classical studies program encourages students to participate in the Royal Conservatory Examination system.



Violin Lessons

Beginners in our violin lessons will learn the basics including the proper holding of your instrument and the bow, fingering and note reading.   As students progress they will move on to more complex musical pieces as they gain skill and confidence.


Voice Lessons

Ruby 13 Voice Lesson

Our instructors will teach their students how to maximize their voices as a musical instrument and as a form of self-expression that is uniquely your own.  Learning the basic techniques of voice control and breathing, combined with music theory and ear training will improve the calibre of your singing and builds your confidence as a performer.   Repetition and frequent practice is essential to success.





More information about each of our current instructors can be found HERE and by phoning our front desk.

Individual lessons

  • $27.00 for 30 minutes
  • $41.00 for 45 minutes
  • $54.00 for 60 minutes

For NEW students:

Before registering, new students must meet with the instructor to complete an assessment. To book an assessment, please contact our front desk at 604.931.2008.

Once you have completed the assessment, you can proceed with your registration in-person at the Arts Centre or by phone online registration is not available at this time for music lessons).

Payment, cancellation, and refund policy information can be found at here.