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Ceramic Artist in Residence

Ray (Ho Tin) Tse
Ceramic Artist-in-Residence 2015-2016


Ray TseThis August, Port Moody Arts Centre is happy to welcome Ho Tin (Ray) Tse as our new Ceramic Artist in Residence (CAIR) for 2015/2016. Taking over from Otto Kamensek in August, Ray will become an integral part of life at the arts centre, working in the Ceramic Artist-in-residence's studio and keeping an eye on activity in the other clay studios.

Bio: Ray is a Vancouver-based artist who graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design (ECUAD) in 2014 with a Bachelor's in Fine Art (concentration: ceramics and wood). Originally from Hong Kong, he has worked as an art instructor at The Clayhas in Wong Tai Sin, Hong Kong teaching ceramics and mixed media. During his final year at ECUAD, he was an Artist Assistant for Sherry Huang (woodworking) and Parvin Peivandi (ceramics casting). While at ECUAD, he also worked as a gallery installation designer.

Describing his work as a discussion on Chinese social issues and politics, Ray is keen to develop this conversation during his residency and plans to use art to talk about global issues such as poverty, war, and animal extinction. He is also keen to advance his artistic practice by exploring new possibilities with clay and glaze, in addition to developing his sculpting skill by focusing on figures.

In addition to developing as a ceramic artist, he would like meet arts centre visitors by giving artist talks and teaching workshops. He strongly believes that teaching is not unidirectional - it is also about learning from the student.

Ray takes up his residency at the beginning of August and will be on-site during the week. He will also be teaching classes in 2106 - check out his teaching page for details.

As an emerging artist, he brings an exciting wealth of enthusiasm and experience to the clay studio; we are very pleased to welcome him at the arts centre.

Spotlight TsePlease visit his online portfolio to see more of his work: www.wix.com/ray911014/ray-tse

For Ray's classes and workshops at the arts centre, please see this page for details and to register.

"Arts is a universal language that can bring out the awareness of what is happening around the world."
Ray Tse



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