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Amy Lee

1 WT Amy Lee ceramic pigs

Artist Statement

My goal for my clay art is to produce one of a kind pieces.that would appeal to lay audiences well as to seasoned connoisseurs of art. From traditional "tableware", my pottery has taken on characteristics, though still functional, that are moreappealing to those who wish to acquire a collectible ordecorative piece of art. My ceramic animal figurines (pigletsin particular) are meticulous hand-crafted, hollowed out, withspecial attention paid to their individual postures and facial expressions. For my ceramic jewelry, all the beads for are hand made from scratch. Larger beads are also rendered hollow for weight reduction. All earring hooks are made of surgical steel for their anti-tarnish and hypoallergenic qualities. In all my clay art, I purposely try to avoidde signing two pieces that are exactly the same. Truly, they are one of a kind!



Amy Lee is largely self- taught. The sum total of Amy's art education consists of having taken the odd courses offered in local community and recreation centres.From the get go, her watercolour paintings have found their places and recognition inthe former annual art competitions of the Pacific National Exhibition and have adorned a number of local businesses on the east side of Vancouver. Although she started with watercolour, Amy soon moved on to other mediums, in particular acrylic, mixed medium, and clay. She discovered a hidden talent in ceramic work and have produced amazing pieces of decorative pottery, uniquely designed ceramic jewellery such as earrings, necklaces and pendants, and ceramic animal figurines.Her ceramic artwork and paintings are on display and consignment at a number oflocal gift shops including the Silk Purse at West Vancouver Community Arts Council and the Eight Treasures Gift Shop in the world renowned Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver.


website kristianadam.com


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