Kristian Adam

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Artist Statement

I’ve always drawn from the natural world for inspiration. I believe that it is vital for humans to realize their biological roots and to understand they are a part of nature, not separate. It is my hope that this belief can be seen and shared through my work. Many of the the animals I paint tend to take on humanistic roles, acting out the various functions and tasks that society doles out. While the artwork can often have an amusing first impression, I like to think it is also capable of initiating a self-reflection on the peculiarity of our habits and responsibilities. I find myself continually exploring new imaginary places and creatures through my paintings. They are an essential way for me to stay in touch with memories from the past while also helping ignite new ideas.



Kristian Adam is a Canadian born artist. His paintings often combine themes of nature and invention from the humorous perspective of animals which he refers to as 'NymNums’. These imagined creatures are what you might expect to see wandering around in his mind all day. Through a variety of techniques inspired by the old masters, Adam creates quirky narratives for his characters to tell. His work has been displayed in the Canadian Embassies of Japan, Korea, and China, as well as featured in books, television and galleries around the world. Recurring themes of nature in his work are inspired from his childhood living in the country.

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Kristian has always enjoyed making art. In high school, he learned airbrushing from books and magazines, and from there his passion materialized. He graduated from Grande Prairie Regional College, then went on to pursue fine art studies at the University of Lethbridge. He currently lives and works in Port Moody, BC.

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