Madeleine Coomey

1 WT Coomey salt fired vase 01


Artist Statement

I make wheel thrown and hand built pottery. My work starts out with designing many prototypes to develop a final form. From there I either throw or hand-build from soft clay slabs or a combination of these processes. All work is made and glazed by me. I make the glazes from my own formulations; they are food safe and durable. I spray multiple glazes onsome pieces to build up depth, on others I use simple and classic combination of whites,grays and blues. From design to glazing I am striving to make work that shows an elegantsimplicity that reflects a modern design aesthetic.


Madeleine was born in the UK but has lived for the most part in BC.  She attended Capilano College/University where she got hooked on both the chemistry and throwing aspects of pottery.  In 1990 she began working from her home studio and has since built up a full time business making and selling her work.

website madeleinecoomey.com