Mary Williamson

Simple Soap Co.

1 WT Simple Soap lemon soap

Artist Statement

Simple Soap Collective offers all natural, handmade soap made in small batches in North Vancouver, BC. Our goal is to keep life, and our soap bars, simple...simple and sustainable ingredients, simple packaging with zero waste in mind, simple and long lasting bars.

Each bar begins in kitchen where all ingredients are carefully measured, warmed and poured into artisanal slabs.  Each bar is then hand cut, checked for quality, and hand wrapped in recycled paper, with no waste in mind.


Founder and soapmaker, Mary Williamson, has a passion for creating products that are pure, simple and inspire healthy living.

Growing up on the family farm in the Niagara Region in Ontario, there was always a bar of “proste siep” (low German for simple soap) on the edge of the sink.

This coveted bar was made by her Oma, Margarete, along with a group of church ladies.

The age-old artisan skills and the laboursome work of gathering unadulterated ingredients is what inspired Mary to explore soap making.

Mary works out of her soap kitchen in her North Vancouver, BC home where each bar is carefully created from start to finish.

When not soaping, Mary is doing life with her hubby and three kids, usually with a coffee in hand, messy hair and a playlist/podcast streaming.

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