Colleen Bessel

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Artist Statement

Photography, art and travel have long been important parts of my life. It is how I am able to express myself and communicate the world that I see.  And now, in retirement, I am really able to delve into these creative pursuits and test where they can go.

Sometimes I feel a bit fickle. For a while I will be drawn into painting and art, exploring various mediums and styles. Then my camera will call and I will be off chasing the images I see in my mind – the way the sun lights something up, or the minute details of nature, or the lines in the weathered face of the people I encounter as I travel. As my partner once said, “She doesn’t see things the same way you and I do.”

The challenge and the excitement comes in being able to create the perfect image or art that can share what I see beyond the surface and the feelings it evokes.

This exhibit is photography based and focusses on macro photography…. Really studying the subject, taking the time to see every fine detail and to communicate the beauty that exists in everyday life. We are often too busy to look beyond the superficial and miss so much of the beauty of nature and our surrounding. I hope you enjoy my view of the world.



Colleen is a photographer and artist living in Port Moody, B.C. Having spent most of her life in the business world retirement has provided the time and opportunity to explore and develop her artistic and creative talents.

For the past 7 years Colleen has re-introduced herself to painting, exploring new mediums and techniques. Oil remains a favorite but recent works have included watercolor and mixed media.

While photography has always been an interest, Colleen has combined this with a love a travel and focusses on capturing the color, adventure and culture as she explores the world.

With an eye to combining the things she loves most about photography and art Colleen has developed a unique style she calls PhotoArt, creating bold, dynamic images that aim to tell a story and draw the viewer in.  PhotoArt is truly where Photography meets Art.

When not out shooting with her trusty camera or in the studio creating her images, you will find her enjoying the beautiful trails around Port Moody or enjoying the sunshine on Galiano Island, usually with her granddaughters in tow.

website colleenbesselphotoart.com
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