Maggie O'Shaughnessy

1 WT M OShaughnessy

Artist Statement

To me, the true beauty is in the natural world, found in the imperfection. Since childhood I have always been attracted to the sea, and found objects. I attempt to practice the Japanese principle of Wabi-sabi in the way I look at the world, and also in my studio.  This is finding my vision in the natural simplicity around me and then a balance between the “wabi” (imperfection, humbleness and freedom from attachment) and the “sabi” (austere sublimity). The practice of wabi-sabi in my art is the art of imperfection; the flawed beauty; the natural simplicity; the free flow of movement; the lack of structure.  I seek to create dreamy, imperfect flow of colour and shapes, with the added sensation of texture. 



Maggie O’Shaughnessy is best known for her use of color, detail and texture in her encaustic work, oils and in her acrylic paintings.  Having painted regularly since childhood,  she prefers the freedom of expressionist and experimental painting. She found true happiness by avoiding the strict rules of traditional art.  Maggie’s work has been described as “expressive impressionism”, evoking buried emotions in the viewer. Prior to moving to Galiano in 2016, she studied in Arizona and New Mexico focusing on variations in the challenging encaustic medium (beeswax and solvent mixed with oil paint). Growing up beside the wild Atlantic, Maggie has always been drawn to watching oceans and the sea is a common theme in her work.  Born under a wandering star, she has been a world traveller since leaving her small village in Newfoundland.  She is a member of the International Association of Encaustic Artists; the Canadian Federation of Artists, and the Southern Gulf Islands Arts Council.    


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