Kiranjot Kaur

1 WT K Kaur Audition 12x16 120

Artist Statement

“West Coast Impressions” is a collection of palette knife paintings presenting an invitation to explore the beauty of the woods under West Coast skies. The series is inspired by the backdrop of green, roadside conifer views and skylines present on the West Coast of BC and it reflects my impressions of what home looks like growing up on the Lower Mainland. The paintings celebrate the depth of colours present in our landscape: the green that welcomes me home after a trip away is striking, it is warm, and full of life. Rather than creating portraits of trees and various living subjects in forests, the rough, textured palette knife work aims to serve as a free-flowing sampling of the ever-present beauty of the trees and moody skies. These pieces depict scenes as you may see them “out the window” and give a taste of the woods. They are therefore smaller in size and suggest some distance through their composition.



Kiranjot Kaur is a Vancouver based artist who, among many artistic adventures, enjoys painting vibrant, exploratory pieces and drawing high-contrast and bold ink designs. Kiranjot is a self-taught artist who explores a multitude of techniques in order to serve inspiration and provide truthful, artful renderings to ideas, emotions and statements.

Art, for Kiranjot, is an opportunity to explore the world. She is intrigued by nature and its ability to capture an audience in an instant and stand testament to forces beyond our imagination. She is also fascinated by the beauty of common things and playful interactions of light and colour in abstract forms. Her work focuses on that which makes her smile, think, and remember.

Her current work aims to celebrate her artistic influences including a background in engineering, Sikh philosophy, her Panjabi and Canadian heritage and growing up in a family fabric store. Kiranjot’s work has been featured in several local art shows and she is the creator of Little Sahibs, a series of colouring and activity books for children.


website kiranjotart.com
instagram @kiranjotart