Cynthia Head

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Artist Statement

Combining the vibrancy and versatility of watercolor with the spontaneity of the batik process,embraces a sense of perfect imperfection. There is a joy in working through each piece that energizes me. It motivates me to share this artistic journey by teaching others.My goal is to work with freer, more intuitive expression.



Having finished a career as a high school educator, I am fortunate to be able to focus fully on studio art. I hope to teach workshops in batik and basket weaving in the near future. Degrees in history and education, along with fine arts courses and workshops, provide a firm basis in design, color, and composition. Living in Florida and Canada, and traveling extensively, supplies me with constant inspiration. It's always uplifting to be able to get out with a sketch book and camera to view the world anew. My work is based on my own photography, sketchbooks, and imagination..


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