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Jeanne Erickson

1 WT Jeanne Erickson Rythums of the Forest Edge

Artist Statement

I paint trees to enchant you with their beauty and share their earthy poetry.  My hope is that my art will be a quiet influence that nudges the viewer to a greater appreciation of the beauty and stability they bring to our world. I love to bring nature indoors, inviting it’s gentle but powerful voice into our homes and work spaces, inspiring us to fall in love.

Learning my lessons from the trees I study and paint, I seek to feel the rhythms in their branches, and echo that melody in my approach to their environment; sky, grasses, rocks and ocean.  Sometimes my paintings feature a single or few trees, a treed island and sometimes the environment consumes the canvas and only a single tree or distant copse of trees are included, all to reflect both the challenge and opportunities they experience through their environment.



Jeanne Erickson was born in Abbotsford British Columbia, Canada, in 1955.  Having grown up on hobby farms, she learned to appreciate life from the vantage of a vine maple tree fort.  From colouring books to pencil and paper, Jeanne spent hours drawing, and dreaming of being an artist like Emily Carr, whose forest landscape graced the entrance to her elementary school. A three year correspondence course, Famous Artists Course for Talented Young People, filled in the gap for a private school without an art program.  Evening and weekend courses along with armloads of art books from the local library have kept up with her artistic curiosity. 

Throughout her journey as a mother and career in volunteer management Jeanne kept painting.  While her children were small she set up shop in the mall in Grande Prairie and took commissions for portraits, animals and farms.  A commission by the City of Grande Prairie for her sister city in Texas was a highlight.  Following a move to Abbotsford, she dived into water colours, joined the Abbotsford Watercolour Society and participated in training and group shows.  A painting of lilacs won the “Best of Show” award from the viewers.

An annual family camping trip on Galiano Island began to shape her work just as she began her exploration into acrylic paints, and once she moved onto the island full time Galiano Island’s trees and their environment became the focus of her work.  Previously more of a realist, she became much more fluid in her approach, allowing the interconnecting rhythms of nature to influence her approach into a slightly impressionistic and romantic portrayal of her subjects.


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