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Artist Statement

Pillow stories

Merry Christmas

This is dedicated to our parents Glynn and Rose for their uncomplicated love of Christmas.   In the weeks leading up to “the day” our house on Clarendon was warmed with the aroma of baking and the sounds of visiting neighbours and friends as they swept in on a blast of cold air through the front door.  Christmas cards were mailed in bundles of 25, and so many arrived in the mail they had to be strung along the ceiling.  Woven through every memory of Christmas are the sounds of Bing Crosby and Harry Belafonte wafting from the LPs playing on the turntable in the dining room.  The rabbit ears on the TV brought us “A Christmas Carol” and Alistair Sim’s classic portrayal of Ebenezer Scrooge’s futile attempts to restrain the joy of his redemption. Here's to you mom & dad for the everlasting gift of those memories.

Clarke Street

Along this street in Port Moody there are some beautiful old buildings that have been converted to stores.  On this snowy day the florist shop decorated for Christmas brought back memories of the pre-mall shopping world.  There was something wonderful about entering a warm store and then bundling up when it was time to go back out.

Clarendon House

The house on Clarendon Street was a dream home for our parents who bought it for $5,000 in 1950.  They raised five children here in a neighborhood where people looked out for each other.  This was the heart of the city for us.  From here we headed out to find the people, places and experiences that forged memories in our hearts.  This snowy image captures our oldest sister Anne Marie playing with her new brother David on the wide boulevard in front of the house.



Patti Brown

I was born and raised in Vancouver with my four brothers & sisters.  My love of art emerged early in life when I began drawing on every surface I could find.  Those artistic gifts truly came alive in high school under the extraordinary guidance of Mr. Waldie in art classes at Gladstone Secondary.  That experience affirmed my artistic gifts and inspired me to continue my learning at the Emily Carr school of art in Vancouver.

In the late 70’s a new chapter of my life began as I travelled across Canada with the love of my life, Eldon.  For the first time I began selling my work as I sketched people all across this beautiful country.  Eventually we found our way back to the lower mainland and raised our four beautiful children in Maple Ridge.  A few years ago we downsized and now live in Port Moody.

My first love is drawing and portraiture, and most of my work has been on commissioned pieces.  In my retirement I have begun a new project with my sister Glenda that presents my drawings in a unique form.  We have created beautiful pillows that “frame” my drawings.  I have also drawn a series of winter scenes that we use on miniature pillows that can hang on a Christmas tree.  Most of the pillows are commissioned but we have also sold them through a store in Port Moody that supports local artists and at the Port Moody Christmas Craft fair.


Glenda Morris

I grew up in the beautiful lower mainland and have lived here all my life.  I have two grown children and live in Port Moody with my husband Alex.  Recently I made a life choice to step away from a full time career and now work from home. 

The extra time allowed me to return to a love for sewing which lead to a creative project with my sister Patti.  She is an artist and creates beautiful pencil sketches that we transfer to fabric and sew into a “pillow frame”.  It has been a joy to watch people hug the images of their loved ones or cherished memories.