Cathy Beaumont

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Artist Statement

My Pacific Shore and Northern Lights collections are ultimately inspired by the natural world. The Pacific Shore collection was inspired by sea glass, of which there is very little left on ourbeaches because almost all our glass containers have been replaced with plastic ones. I like to imagine these pebble-shaped beads washing up onto the shore, glowing softly in the sunlight.The Northern Lights collection was inspired by my recent visit to Iceland, where I saw icebergs, waterfalls, geysers and the Northern Lights. Using transparent and dichroic glass I have tried to capture a bit of glistening or glowing light inside each bead. This light can be obvious, elusive, flickering and ever-changing.


Cathy Beaumont has been designing, making and selling handcrafted jewellery since 2012. She has an extensive background in visual and text communication, and taught graphic design for 12 years through BCIT and Emily Carr University. Formerly one half of Treats Designs, Cathy created Beau Glass Works in 2017 to showcase her glass beads. She has studied beadmaking with several prominent Canadian and US artists, including Holly Cooper, Joanne Andrighetti, Corina Tettinger, Janice Peacock and Margaret Zinser. She is a member of Terminal City Glass Co-op, Pacific Pyros Beadmakers, Creative Jewellers Guild, Craft Council of British Columbia,and the International Society of Glass Beadmakers.



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