Kate Whitehead

1 WT Kate Whitehead dragonfly plates


When I work with clay, I am always delighted by its versatility and by the endless different ways I can express myself through it, using both tactile and visual senses. 

I make both functional ware and sculpture, and I find that I continue to take inspiration from the things that originally fascinated me as a child, possibly because I work with kids and they keep those connections strong!

I love to tell stories through my sculpture, and fairy tales, sci-fi and comic book heroes compete for space in my imagination with a love of wild, natural spaces and art inspired by random found objects.  You can tell what mode I’m in by whether you’re looking at a dragon or a dragonfly!


I grew up in Nanaimo, B.C. but after a briefly nomadic existence following university, have lived in North Vancouver since 1998.   I’ve taken a similarly nomadic path through art, which I have engaged in in some form since I was small; studying Film and Television and Art History at UBC, then working in commercial galleries for ten years, before realizing that I’d really much rather be making my own art.  I have been working with clay for thirteen years now, out of Parkgate Pottery Studio in North Vancouver.  I now also have the pleasure of being able to teach pottery to children and adults and share my love of this art form.


instagram @kilnkate