Art 4 Life: Sep 30th to Nov 1st, 2017

A4L17 Evite


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Art 4 Life is meant to engage children and demonstrate that art is a lifelong journey. This exhibition is showing work by a diverse group of twenty-seven artists who are in every decade from twenties to nineties. There is also an exhibition of under-eighteen artists in the Young Artists Gallery

Participating adult artists:

Gloria Barkley

Margaret Billings

Angela Burden           

David Carey   

Flavia Chan    

Teesa Christie            

Nancy Cramer           

Natoya Ellis    

Barbara Ferris

Mildred German         

Marcelle Glock          

Ron Holzman 

Rose Kapp     

Clara Leung   

Rosalind MacLean     

Joe Martens   

Lili Masbough 

Savina Purewal

Ahmad Reza  

Paymaneh Ritchie     

Wendy Schmidt         

Phyllis Schwartz        

Claudia Segovia

Seema  Shah 

Alan  Tracey  

Malory Tate

Clive Tucker  

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