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Andrea England

1 WT Andrea England Queen of Shoal Harbour

Artist Statement

Water holds an enormous fascination for me. I can spend hours watching how it flows and changes colour, pondering what wonders swim in its hidden depths. Since I was young, I have felt the pull of the sea, which inspired me to learn to dive, to sail and finally to paint. It's probably no surprise that my favourite medium is watercolour. Home is Island Prism, my husband's little yellow sailboat. She's carried us across the Pacific Ocean and beyond. Returning to BC, we still live aboard and are happiest when out cruising the waters of Vancouver Island. This summer, my floating studio has carried me to beautiful and remote anchorages up in the Broughton Archipelago. The beautiful islands, ever-changing moods of the sea and incredible wildlife have provided endless inspiration. The calm waters and feelings of serenity led me to explore reflections and the ever-changing light, with a focus on the contrasting palettes of midday and sunset. Rippling white lines of untouched paper give my paintings a sense of life and movement, capturing the feeling of water. These flowing lines evolve as I paint, creating a flowthrough each piece. I do not use a resist, but rely on my brushes and a steady hand! Vibrant colours and layers of translucent pigments help me to create the sensation oflooking beneath the water. I try to reflect a little of the spirit of the island and ocean ineach of my paintings as I share my explorations of this beautiful part of the world.


Andrea England is fascinated by the sea. Perhaps it's no surprise that she prefers to paint in watercolour, with its flowing, translucent, temperamental nature. The compact and transportable nature of watercolours also allow them to fit in with Andrea's wanderlust, which led her to travel through and live in Oceania before settling in Canada. Andrea's home and studio is Island Prism, a 36' sailboat. With her Canadian husband Jim, she has sailed around New Zealand, voyaged to Thailand and crossed the Pacific Ocean.Whilst cruising through South East Asia in 2013, Andrea started sketching landscapes, plants and animals as a way of engaging and recording the places she visited. Returning to New Zealand, her sketchbooks became visual log books and creative playgrounds, away to carefully observe the colours and curve of a whale's fin, the muscles in a dolphin'sbody, the pattern on a manta ray. Intrigued by the wood carvings and tattoos of Polynesian art, Andrea began to explore their sinuous lines and use of negative space,developing and interpreting these in her own way. Gradually these explorations developed into a flowing style of watercolour painting.

These days, Andrea prefers to work on Fabriano cotton rag paper, but her sketchbooks still form the core of her creative practice. Andrea entered her first art exhibition in 2018, with the Richmond Art Society's Midsummer Art's Dream. Since then, she has participated in group shows at Coast Collective, Victoria Arts Council and Port Moody Arts Centre. She has also had solo shows at Cedar Hill Arts Centre and Coast Collective, and was Artist-in-Residence at Victoria's Delta Ocean Pointe during May 2019. Now based in Victoria, BC with husband and boat, Andrea uses watercolours to share the beauty of Vancouver Island and the many wonders of its diverse wildlife and habitats.Rippling white lines of untouched paper give her paintings a sense of life and movement, capturing the feeling of water and wind. Vibrant colours and layers of translucent pigments create the sensation of looking beneath the water. Andrea tries to reflect alittle of the spirit of the island and ocean in each of her paintings as she shares herexplorations of this beautiful part of the world.


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