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Deanna Fligg

Fligg Deanna Bee Art Blocks

Artist Statement

Earth is drastically changing and there are certain elements that most humans do not realize are needed for our lives to continue to function, such as pollinators. Through my art I am shedding light on the importance of all pollinators to our ecosystem as well as their current peril.

I dip my toes into many forms of art but I am generally an acrylic painter (on canvas or wood) and an illustrator (coloured pencil and ink). My paintings tend to draw in viewers due to the vibrant colours, attention to detail and abstract patterns. My illustrations are educational, colourful, joyful and bring laughter to the world.

My fascination with bees began back in 2006 when I started photographing them. In mid March 2012, I watched a 2009 Documentary called “Vanishing of the Bees”. It informs the public on what they are calling CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), where thousands of bees are mysteriously disappearing and abandoning their hives and I felt compelled to spread this information. It was only supposed to be a one time series but it turned into something more personal and so I made the decision to continue this specific journey with bees. I study, hang out, learn, talk to and understand them. I research them, all the way to their little pieces of hair on their legs. I explore different gardens, including my own, throughout the lower mainland trying to find different species to research.

I have developed my paintings over the years, and they are characterized by geometrical and stylized shapes with a realistic subject matter. Like macro photography, the backgrounds in my paintings are blocked out unidentifiable shapes and textures. They symbolize the pollinator’s lives, how their world is blurry and up in the air for survival. The bold colours are how I view their lives, incredibly strong and full of life. With all of this in mind, the viewer is able to pay attention to the detailed subject matter in complete focus.

My illustrations are very different from my paintings and are portrayed in a cartoon style. The main focus of the drawings is to bring laughter into people’s lives while educating them either on bee education or life lessons. Through my drawings, I am able to reach a broader audience with my illustrations. Not only am I sharing information with adults, but children are able to learn through them as well. This allows for more awareness and understanding into this planet about pollinators. Without our pollinators, humans if not the environment as a whole, are going to be facing a huge change in our lifestyles!.


Deanna Fligg grew up in Port Moody, B.C. and now creates in her home studio in Coquitlam, B.C. She has completed certificates in Fine Arts (Kwantlen 2006), Interior Design (BCIT 2008) and Floral Design (Maureen Sullivan Floral Design School 2013). Deanna primarily paints in acrylic; however, photography, illustration, watercolour/ink, and jewelry are also very much a part of her artistic lifestyle. 

Having grown up with a beautiful garden, most of her inspirations are derived from the organisms that have a daily impact on us. Depending on the type of artwork, they can combine creatures, flora, and environmental elements. 

Creativity has always been in her blood, but it wasn’t until 2012, after a 6-year break, that she decided to pick up a paint brush and start to paint again. That year was a boost of confidence and since then she has participated in over a dozen markets and several shows, including a group exhibition in New York City. Over the years Deanna’s style of painting has continued to develop, now being most well known for her stylized bee paintings. She continues to advocate for all pollinators and strives to tell their stories in her artwork.

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