Board of Directors



Valerie Simons (President) Jo-Anne Parneta (Vice-President)
Irene Reid (Treasurer) Diane Wild (Secretary)


Jessie Adcock Cathy Cena
Katherine Edmunds Miya Yoo

Non-Voting Members:

City Councillor, Barbara Junker  
Devin Jain, Cultural ServicesManager, City of Port Moody  


Download the 2015 Port Moody Arts Centre Annual Report [pdf]

Non-Voting Members:
Andrew Danneffel (President)
Gerry Nuttall, Councillor, City of Port Moody
Gerald Moss (Vice-President)
Devin Jain, Cultural Services Manager
Des Wilson (Secretary)
Lorraine Yigit (Treasurer)
Ann Kitching (Director at Large)
Karen Kroeker (Director at Large)
Lori Dulmage (Director at Large)
Lynne Williams (Director at Large)
Margaret Newill (Director at Large)
Michelle Pepin (Director at Large)
Rick Glumac (Director at Large)
Rose Kapp (Director at Large)
Simon Murtagh (Director at Large)
Lynne Murray (Past President)

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